Guru Ramkrishna Talukdar

The dancing maestro, Guru Ramkrishna Talukdar, is a dancer of repute and a renowned choreographer and educator of Sattriya and Kathak Dance. Born in a culturally rich environment of Bamakhata Sattra, Pathsala, he has been trained in Sattriya art form since his childhood. Apart from being the first graduate in Sattriya dance from Gauhati University acquiring 1st class, he had also done his Masters in Kathak Dance from IKS University, Madhya Pradesh and ABGMV Mandal, Mumbai. He is the first Sattriya artiste to have acquired ‘A’  grade accreditation from DDK, New Delhi. His book “Nritya Kala Darpan” has been recognized by SEBA as their syllabi text book.

Ramkrishna Talukdar
Ramkrishna Talukdar and Krishnakshi Kashyap performing Sattriya Dance , one of the classical dance form of India

Presently teaching Sattriya Dance in State Music College, Assam, he has also established Nartan Kala Niketan in 1987 for training, preservation, expansion, and development of Sattriya dance and culture. He engages himself in acquiring and teaching the scientific aspect of this art form with special emphasis on Performing Arts. He is awarded the prestigious Sangeet Natak Akademi Award for Sattriya Dance in   the year 2017.


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